Haskell at Work is a screencast focused on practical Haskell programming, produced by Oskar Wickström. Viewers should have a basic understanding of Haskell, and be eager to learn new ways of working with Haskell.

The name has a double meaning; it’s both about using Haskell for your professional projects, as much as putting Haskell itself to work.


“Is there any way of financially supporting the screencasts?”

Yes! At the Patreon page you can donate monthly to keep the videos coming. Thank you for your support!

“Do you have a feed?”

You can use the Atom feed or the RSS feed.

“What editor are you using?”

In the videos so far, I’m using the following programs and plugins:

You can dig around the Neovim config in my dotfiles to see more details. All plugins are installed using Plug.


If you have any suggestions for future topics, drop a line in the Discussions tab in the YouTube channel.


A big thank you to the patrons and Mpowered Business Solutions for helping me fund this work!