Haskell at Work is a screencast focused on practical Haskell programming, produced by Oskar Wickström. Viewers should have a basic understanding of Haskell, and be eager to learn new ways of working with Haskell.

The name has a double meaning; it’s both about using Haskell for your professional projects, as much as putting Haskell itself to work.


“Is there any way of financially supporting the screencasts?”

Not anymore. I have decided to close down the Patreon due to the unhealthy stress it gave me, a pressure to produce content regularly. I couldn’t keep that up with my full-time job and private life, so I decided to revert to doing these screencasts without compensation.

If you’d like to pay for timely published Haskell material, I’d consider subscribing to Type Classes.

“Do you have a feed?”

You can use the Atom feed or the RSS feed.

“What editor are you using?”

In the videos so far, I’m using the following programs and plugins:

You can dig around the Neovim config in my dotfiles to see more details. All plugins are installed using Plug.


If you have any suggestions for future topics, drop a line in the Discussions tab in the YouTube channel.


A big thank you to the patrons and Mpowered Business Solutions for helping me fund this work!

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